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Wonderful heaven you can find in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

Wonderful heaven you can find in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

This time I will share about the wonderful heavens in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. This paradise are places that have beautiful natural scenery and not many people know about. This hidden natural attractions still awake naturalness and yet many interraction with humans and children that always doing something bad for the beauty of its natural tourist attractions.

Sometime, we fill bored to visit a place that always become tourist attraction in a country, and want to visit the places where still not many people come to those place.

I though something like bali, north sumatera, or raja ampat, was something too common to visit in Indonesia, so that, it will less interest to visit those place.

But, there are few place that not many people know about in tasik malaya. This place really give something worth to see, and you can enjoy the place, because not many people come to this place, although this place really give wonderful scenery to he…
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Is it worth to be yourself, to find your true love?

Is it worth to be yourself, to find your true love?

Finding true love of our life is a hard thing for every normal human being. Some people even still scouting for that true love. Others are in the process already and maybe they doubt if the one they have is they true love one. Everyone desires to be truly loved. Some tried and they got disappointed along the way and they decided to stop looking.

You can still find your true love, it is not too late. I admit that finding the true love of your life is not that easy. Why?

People are complicated. So that will complicates the process. Finding the true love of your life is a good thing.

It is easy for someone when he sees someone he fancies to get tempted and become a different person. He tries to become what the potential life partner is looking for. But such a reinvention of self is short-lived. Sooner or later you will be found out if you pretend to be something you are not. You cannot pretend forever.

When the potential love of your li…

How to grow our body healthly?

How to grow our body healthly?

There are still many ways elevate the body that is safe for health, now many medications or supplements improvement body is freely sold in the market, whether it is safe or not for your health, right?

If you want to consume everything, please get suggestion or consultation with an expert or specialist in order to determine the benefits, side effects and recommended dosages, otherwise your health and finances are at stake.

Has the ideal height is the dream of all people.Nah, there are many ways elevate the body that is safe, healthy and natural. You should know, when you have a height problem is do not think it is a disease, so you should treat as soon as possible, it is the wrong mindset.

Change the pattern of your mindset now, with thought for your body healthy during the same real happiness will come, and how to elevate the body naturally grow up your body and make you more and more confident? Check out his review.

How to grow our body healthly?

Benefits of mushroom for human health

Benefits of mushroom for human health.

As you know, there are many kinds of mushrooms, ranging from mushrooms tasty and delicious for consumption, until the mushroom that turns out highly toxic if consumed. A fungus that can be consumed, the fungus turns out there who only make a full stomach only, and there also have health benefits. Even today the pharmacist that made medical drugs and herbal remedies, had often used the mushrooms as the manufacture of it is drug, because the research has found several types of function that are beneficial to health.

Therefore, here I would like to share information about mushroom are beneficial to health, there are so many mashroom are beneficial to health, but I only serve the majority of it is course, these mushrooms are:

Ganoderma mushroom
This mushroom originated in China, commonly referred as lingzhi mushroom. Ganoderma for health benefits and no doubt about it, because some of the natural womb can overcome cancer and tumors, it is also evident…

Papaya and papaya seeds contain really helpful cure to our body

Papaya and papaya seeds contain really helpful cure to our body.

Papaya is one of the fruits that can be utilized for a variety of your needs, ranging from health and beauty. This fruit comes from Mexico, cultivated throughout the tropics. According to Wikipedia, the word "papaya" is taken from Papaja derived from the Dutch. Papaya often be one of the vegetable material by the Manado. Weird huh? That's because the content of papaya is rich in benefits. Moreover, it turns the leaves and seeds of papaya are also many properties as well you know. But who would have thought it of papaya seeds are very good for health? Let us examine some of the benefits from papaya seeds.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds:

1. Prevent Parasites Infection 
Papaya seeds contain antibacterial that can kill the parasites and their eggs. Parasites are embedded in the body goes through the food you eat, the effect is felt when you find it difficult to defecate. Because of the difficulty of defecation is not o…

Strange way to get your soulmate through unbelievable festival

Strange way to get your soulmate through unbelievable festival 

When experiencing anxiety to get married, people usually will go crazy looking where his soul mate, for example by following the search event dating or ask at Match the friend (matchmaker). It does still considered normal yes, well what if searching his soul mate through a strange way like following countries?
Below is few strange way to get your soulmate in a few country.

Bomena, Bhutan.
The way to do that man, sneaked into the room her hero (he could recognize or not) he should remain in the room until the morning, when the morning if this man caught by the girl's parents, they will immediately married automatically. Pretty easy huh, just slipped straight marriage the next day haha. Although bomena ingrained rituals of ancestor, this ritual still too selfish and detrimental to women as well.

Festival meal sisters, China
The woman get together to cook sticky rice with a variety of colors and then wrapped it in a handke…

3 ways to fade or to get rid scars on your skin

3 ways to fade or to get rid scars on your skin

Actually there are many ways to eliminate scars scalded safer. Some people use herbal remedies scar remover, and some are using herbs. Here are some ways to eliminate scars scalded using herbs, such as:

1. Aloe Vera

Several studies have shown the gel is enriched with herbal plant lignin content and amino acids. Both of these compounds can help moisturize the skin, preventing inflammation, and accelerates cell regeneration.

How to get rid of scars with aloe vera:

 Prepare the aloe plant that is still fresh, and then take the gel in it. After finished bathing apply aloe vera gel to all parts of the scar. Let stand for about 1 hour until absorbed, then rinse in cold water.

Note: do not let your eyes exposed to aloe vera. Because this plant can trigger irritation and itching.

2. Mint Leaves
Mint leaves contain a natural mineral that is effective to optimize the regeneration of new skin cells. Use mint leaves regularly to diminish the stubborn sc…